Founded in 1980 by the Adamini brothers  - Domenico and Gilberto – with the idea of creating simple carpentry works, over the years SALFER has grown to become a major player in several fields.

Offering solutions ranging from design, the result of several years of experience and collaboration with professionals specialised in the steel construction industry, all the way to assembling simple and complex metal carpentry works operating with carbon steel and stainless steel, pressurised water pipes or cooling pipes, we – at SALFER – take pride in our capacity to meet any demand thanks to our thirty years of experience in the industry.

The know-how we have acquired over the years allows us to meet all our work requirements in the best way possible.

Our policies include continuous personnel training, which is our topmost priority as we strive to achieve quality products and customer satisfaction.

Given our belief in the training of our technicians, by taking part in courses of various types (update, safety, education, qualification etc), we – at SALFER – deem the creation of a technical staff in stride with the market demands to be of vital importance.

Actually, not only is our personnel highly skilled and professional but it also has several years of experience, capable of solving any problem that may arise in a quick and concrete manner.

We – at SALFER – thought it paramount to create an internal Quality Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, integrated by the UNI EN ISO 3834-2 standards, with the aim of identifying and meeting our customer demands, obtain competitive advantages as well preserving and improving our performance and organizational skills.

In addition, we are implementing the UNI EN 1090 standard, which is compulsory for any metal structure since 2014 in Italy in compliance with the European standards.

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